Machakos First Lady Forced to Throw Kitenge Dress out of Closet After Social Media Uproar

July 27, 2017

Machakos County First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a is without a doubt one of the best dressed public personalities in the country. As such, it came as a shocker to her many followers on Instagram when she stepped out in a multicolored Kitenge dress that was deemed an eye sore.

According to a popular public opinion on social media, the dress was unfit for a ‘First Lady.’

The usually unforgiving netizens made their opinions known, forcing Alfred Mutua’s sweetheart to take drastic measures.

Nganga had on Monday posted a photo of herself and Governor Alfred Mutua while on the campaign trail in Masinga.

Below are some sampled comments that followed.

theshade_chamber: kwani ukitafuta kura ni lazima kuvaa nguo mbovumbovu

tkenduiwa: What are you wearing??? ??

mowanja50: No for that dress☺

dalizualliet: Lakini that dress doesn’t look like you kapsaa…..

be_thy_own_icon: The dress though…

ngangalillyane: Ha ha .. yall don’t like my Kitenge? What is wrong with it? Lol lol.

fitnesswithreg: That dress is a definately nay for a hot chick like u ! Hot material but ? design?…. am sure my bro Mutua told u…..

fitnesswithreg: @ngangalillyane makes u look so Old ….. is simply so plain…… haileteshi

wambui_njeri0: The ? inakukalisha nikama mama Mzee @ngangalillyane not nice ??all in all cute couple

ngangalillyane: @fitnesswithreg .. woi!

ngangalillyane: @wambui_njeri0 …ni uzee basi I guess:)

ngangalillyane: @fitnesswithreg .. woi woi!

mungaieva: That ? is a nooo.

akothmuga: The dress…nooooooooo

mutio.carolyne: Cool… the Dress though


Lillian Nganga later responded to the comments: ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ .. dress thrown out of the closet:))!

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