Hilarious: This Video of Njugush Sharpening Knives is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

July 14, 2017

At this very moment, it would be quite difficult to point out a funnier comedian than Timothy Kimani alias Njugush.

The talented funnyman is without a doubt a blessing to Kenyans on social media. With each passing day, he creatively comes up with something new and does not disappoint.

One of his more recent clips is cracking up social media. It captures Njugush as he operates a knife sharpening machine.

He appears to have drawn inspiration from a video he shared last year of a knife sharpener.

Who did it better? Watch the clips below.


Tag you friend who needs Noing…….
hii kisu inaweza kata stima
Hii kisu inaweza kata na shoka
Hii kisu inaweza kata tamaa
Hii kisu inaweza kata na ngala

Posted by NJUGUSH on Tuesday, September 6, 2016


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