Former KTN Journalist Comes Clean on Theft of Joy Doreen Biira’s Mercedes Benz

July 5, 2017

Former Standard Group journalist Aaron Ochieng has admitted acting alone in the theft of a vehicle belonging to news anchor Doreen Biira.

The former KTN editor has also apologised to Doreen Biira for alleging that she conspired with him to have her car stolen.

The Mercedes Benz E220 valued at Sh2.8 million was stolen from Standard Group’s parking lot at their Mombasa road headquarters on December 23, 2016.

Ochieng, who is seeking an out of court settlement, had earlier in the year denied the charge of handling stolen property and was released on a Sh1 million bond or Sh300,000 cash bail.

In a letter presented in court, a remorseful Ochieng asked Biira and the court to forgive him.

“I do regret my actions and accusations and want to publicly apologize to Ms Biira and her entire family and beg her and this court to forgive me,” said Mr Ochieng.

“I wish to request from this court for permission to discuss with Ms Biira and her representatives the possibility of solving this matter out of court in a period of one week after which we can return to this court.”

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The stolen car was recovered at a car wash in Kisumu, already fitted with different number plates.

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