VIDEO: Watch Chiko Lawi Apologize to Kenyans for Damian Marley Meltdown

June 2, 2017

Capital FM’s Chiko Lawi has issued an apology for his offensive cussing directed at Damian Marley when the Jamaican singer and his entourage landed in the country on Monday, May 29th.

In another video selfie, the Kwese Sports anchor has apologized to Kenyans and everyone who got offended by his poor choice of words, which included expletives.

“It’s inexcusable that I used such language and for that, I’m extremely sorry to Kenyans and everyone I offended,” says Lawi.

Lawi has, however, maintained that he will not apologize for taking a stand against the reggae singer and his entourage for insulting his mother.

The son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and his entourage are alleged to have exchanged a few choice words with Chiko Lawi after the journalist decided to confront Junior Gong for refusing to take a selfie with a young fan.

“I, however, cannot apologize for stepping up, defending or standing up against someone who was insulting my mother,” added Chiko.

Watch the full apology below:

One Love!

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Chiko also shared details of the incident with Capital FM’s “Studio 3”. Watch the video below:


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