REVEALED: How Kenyan Woman Used S*x in Plot to Kill German Husband

June 9, 2017

The trial of a Kenyan woman accused of plotting to kill her German husband started on Wednesday

Details emerging from the investigations reveal how Armina A, 32, planned with her lover, identified as Jan D, and helped in executing the cold-blooded murder of 58-year-old Ekkehart H.

According to German news outlets, the state prosecutor believes that Armina was the brain behind the plot.

On the day of the incident, September 2016, Armina is said to have allowed her lover into the house and led him into the basement where she had a machete.

Jan D then wore a mask and gloves and waited for his love rival to arrive home.

The couple’s house in in Ebersdorf

When Ekkehart arrived home, Armina initiated sexual relations and as the couple romped away, Jan D came from behind and slit Ekkehart’s throat.

He then attempted to slice Ekkehart’s shin but missed and ended up slashing Armina’s Achilles tendon.

Jan D then fled the scene as Armina rushed outside “seeking help” from neighbors saying that they had been attacked by three masked men.

A week after the attack, Armina told German newspaper Bild that someone had been threatening her husband and had promised to kill him. She went further to even mention her immediate ex-lover, father to the

She went further to implicate Jan D, her immediate ex-lover and father to their five-month-old old daughter.

The police would arrest Armina’s ex-boyfriend Jan D who confessed even before being taken into custody.

Jan D

When Jan D was arrested, he reportedly confessed even before he was taken into custody.

Armina has since been nicknamed “Die Schwarze Witwe von Ebersdorf” (the black widow of Ebersdorf) by shocked residents.

The trial which started a day before Armina and Ekkehart’s would be 10th wedding anniversary will run for eleven days and will see 62 witnesses and seven experts weigh in on the matter.

Armina and Ekkehart got married in 2007 after they met in Kenya while Ekkehart was on holiday.

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