VIDEO: Drama as Citizen TV’s Bernard Ndong is Kicked out of Rugby Tournament

May 31, 2017

Citizen TV sports reporter Bernard Ndong was over the weekend kicked out of a rugby tournament at the Rugby Football Union of East Africa (RFUEA) grounds.

The sports news anchor was on assignment at RFUEA grounds on Saturday, May 27 when an altercation with a security guard ensued.

According to unconfirmed reports, Ndong was allegedly irked when the security guards stopped him from conducting post-match interviews by the pitch.

The altercation almost turned violent when the guards got physical with Ndong’s cameraman.

The reporter’s attempt to reason with the security were thwarted by a man believed to be head of security who insisted that they leave the grounds.

A video has been shared online showing the dramatic incident during the match in which Kenya 15s lost to Germany 30-29.

Elias Obanyi Makori, who shared the clip on Facebook, wrote:

“Kenya’s 15s rugby is struggling to get out of the woods, losing 30-29 to Germany in today’s Test. But instead of creating an enabling environment for media to tell the story and focus on the great efforts of the players and bench to make it to the Tokyo World Cup, the Kenya Rugby Union seems to have allowed overzealous, pea-brained security laggards to harass journalists seeking post-match interviews. In this day and age, this is totally unacceptable. Journalists are only out there to do their job, and interviewing players is core to their functions. I stand with colleague Bernard Ndong in seeking an apology from the Union and action against the security idiot and his firm. They must compensate for equipment damaged today, and for the undignified manner in which they handled Citizen TV crew… Is this what Tatu City, SportPesa and other rugby sponsors want to see? Hell no!”

Watch the clip below:

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