My Mother Would Turn in her Grave if I Sabotaged Raila, Says Jakoyo Midiwo

May 26, 2017

GEM Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo has ruled out sabotaging NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga after losing in the ODM party primaries.

Midiwo, who is Raila’s cousin, had threatened to expose the rot in Raila’s party if he was not handed the certificate to defend his seat in the August 8 election.

The legislator lost to Elisha Odhiambo and ditched the party to vie independently after getting 8,900 to Odhiambo’s 13,400 votes.

Speaking during a national prayer meeting in Nairobi on Thursday, Midiwo said he cannot dream of getting in the way of the Opposition chief’s movement as his wife would kick him out.

“It can’t happen…even my own mother would never let me into our home. She would turn in her grave,” he said.

He, however, reiterated that the ODM primaries were shambolic and that “forces of evil do not want us around”.

“There is the hand of somebody outside NASA and there are people who think that when independents are not around, they will loot even if Raila takes power,” he said.

The National Assembly deputy minority leader added: “There are people who are planning ahead. Independents, especially from Nyanza and Western, are ‘100 per cent Raila supporters’.”


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