Moha Jicho Pevu Resigns from ODM Citing Frustrations from Governor Joho

May 8, 2017

Former KTN Investigative journalist Mohammed Ali has quit ODM after losing out in the primaries to Said ‘Saido’ Abdallah.

The journalist famously known as Moha ‘Jicho Pevu’ has announced that he will vie for the Nyali Parliamentary seat as an independent candidate in the August polls.

In a lengthy statement posted on Facebook, Moha explained that he was forced to resign from the party because “powerful and destructive elements within the ODM party are keen on building a legacy in Mombasa with its foundations in nepotism, personal and family benefits.”

“My challenger for the nomination, Said “Saido” Abdallah, I believe, is keen to represent this legacy in Nyali…The Nyali primaries were marred with such deep and blatant irregularities that clearly favoured a Saido victory. Voter bribery, intimidation, ballot stuffing and general interference in the election by Said Abdallah and his relative, current Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, robbed Nyali’s residents of the chance to make a real choice,” wrote Ali.

Ali has, however, vowed to use his ideals, morals, and belief as an independent candidate to “challenge those who want Nyali to fall into the hands of the corrupt.”

He also maintained that he will continue to support Raila Odinga to become the fifth president of Kenya.

“I want to make one thing clear, that even as I tender my resignation from the ODM party to run as an Independent Candidate, I still firmly believe that Raila Odinga is the man who can change Kenya. I fully support his candidature to become the fifth president of this great republic. Those who sought to deny democracy a chance to survive in Nyali, alongside our opponents in Jubilee, are the real threat to good leadership. They seek to undermine the gains made by Kenya’s only national party, and hoodwink its leadership. I will run against them, and will not be a part of their evil plan. Win or lose, I will do it with honour,” added Ali.

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