MC Jessy Denies Divorce Rumors, Claims his Enemies are Trying to Bring Him Down

May 22, 2017

Following reports that he has filed for divorce from his wife, Churchill Show comedian MC Jessy has finally spoken up.

Speaking to Pulse, the comedian said that the false rumour has been made up by his ‘enemies’ to antagonise his career.

“Who is this Wangari they are claiming I have been married to. Who even said I wedded my wife in 2012?” posed Jessy.

“I have never had a Wangari in my life and reports that I am divorcing someone called so can only be viewed as malicious. I have been happily married since 2010 and I wonder who is cooking up a divorce story since my wife is at home with me,” he added.

He, however, gave a conflicting statement to Word Is, saying he separated with his wife Nkirote in 2012.

“We married while the relationship was on the rock. So we sat down and decided to take a break and try to figure things out back in 2012. We are still friends and continue to raise the most beautiful gift I ever received in my life together. That is only possible because we are friends. And because I keep a small circle, only our immediate families know,” said Jessy.

He added: “It’s unfortunate that someone who loves my son and whom my son loves is being dragged through the mud because some blogger wanted hits. How can I stress the fact that Nkirote and I are still friends? We still talk and raise our son together. We have been at peace because there was no malice in my actions. I remember praying to God first to get guidance from God so I would know how to best move forward. That is also why I am sharing my story because I can see how it is hurting the people I hold dear to me more than my own life itself.”

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Asked why someone would make up such stories, MC Jessy said:

“I can’t quite say who is behind all these. For sure it’s not coming from my family. I fell off (sic) with some business friends who have been trying to blackmail me over huge financial deals.

If push comes to shove, I will have no choice but expose what they have done to me; costly issues that are already affecting my personal life. This is the truth about the on-going smear and I won’t take it sitting down,” he warned.

He concluded: “Juzi waliuwa Churchill na sasa wamenianza…Ni wale wale (Recently they killed Churchill (on social media) and now, they have turned to me…They are the same people.”

Speaking on the alleged new fling with actress and radio presenter Shix Kapienga, he said:

“I met Shix through my work at Hot 96 and Churchill Raw. We started off as friends, just going for the same events and gigs due to work but we started dating later. I pursued her because I felt “si nitafute mtu?” I need to move on because I have been living my life as a separated man. I didn’t leave Nkirote to be with Shix. No! I focused on my business and making Kenyans laugh after getting separated but the heart wants what the heart wants. She’s not a home wrecker as I have seen people alleging. She’s a kind, loving person.”

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