Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman Wants Pharaoh and King Herod to be Taken to the Hague

May 9, 2017

Maendeleo Ya Wanaume (MAWE) chairman Nderitu Njoka is back at it once again!

Mr Njoka, in yet another astounding stunt, has appealed to the United Nations Security Council to prosecute Egyptian Pharaoh and King Herod at The Hague court in Netherlands over a Biblical saga he finds “atrocious and horrifyingly wicked.”

The appeal is part of his latest dossier, ‘State of the Nation Study on Violence against Men and Boys [VAMB]’ released last week.

According to the men’s right champion, UN should revisit the infamous Biblical scandal of King Herod and Pharaoh boys’ massacre, where hundreds of boys below two years were drowned and slaughtered following a political decree.

He makes a passionate appeal to the United Nations to prefer murder charges on the two supposed miscreants for those Biblical crimes that targeted boys only.

“The UN should file a criminal case against the key suspects in The Hague and open prosecution charges against King Pharaoh and Herod posthumously in order for boys worldwide to feel a sense of justice and security on earth,” reads the report.

Through Mawe, Mr Njoka also demands an apology from the Catholic Pope Francis for the church’s role in Pharaoh and Herod boys’ massacre. He argues that boys need

He argues that boys need an unreserved apology from the church because the institution was the political and spiritual pivot of society at the time and did nothing substantial to protect the boy child.

In the report, Njoka also calls for the Kenyan government to declare circumcision free of charge to all boys and ban wearing shorts in schools.

“Shorts are colonial and disadvantageous to boys, particularly in primary since most don’t have inner wear thereby affecting their education and moral confidence.”

He also urge the government to ban selective gender empowerment programs and improve on equal gender budget allocation henceforth.

“These funds discriminate against men above 35 years who have no income activities. Family Fund will help place such men at par with the empowered wives,” Njoka argues in the report.

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