Khaligraph Jones Gets Unlikely Support Over Bleaching from Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli

May 16, 2017

Finally! Someone has publicly jumped to the defense of rapper Khaligraph Jones over the bleaching allegations.

The Kayole rapper is still the talk of the town after allegations that he had bleached his face surfaced, claims he has since denied and released a song to go with it.

While most of the reactions have been negative, the ‘Toa Tint’ rapper has received unlikely support from TV bombshell Lillian Muli.

Apparently, the Citizen TV news anchor is a huge fan of the rapper as illustrated by a recent Instagram post in which she quotes lyrics from Khaligraph’s hit track ‘Mazishi.’

“Nakumbuka zile siku nilikua nakula kwa vibanda. Ku doze tu kwenye simiti hata Sikua na kitanda. They told me niwache usanii juu apo ni kama na blunder. But hao ndio sasa hunisho, manze izo ngoma zinabamba, man! I wanna thank the fans. They told me that hate can never break a man. So all of this talk about this and that azinibabaiashi…”

She went on to tell her followers to stop with the trolling.

“Enough said keep doing you. ‘Respect the OGs’. Stop trolling people.”

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