Kenyans are Not Happy That Jubilee is Printing T-Shirts in China… But NASA is Also Doing it

May 30, 2017

Pictures of Jubilee branded T-shirts being printed and packaged by some Chinese have been doing rounds on social media.

Those commenting have expressed outrage that the ruling party found it fit to buy and print T-shirts abroad, while there are many Kenyans capable of delivering a similar job.

They are accusing Jubilee, which makes up the government, of fueling unemployment by exporting even such simple jobs.

”Is this the part of 1 million job that Jubilee promised??? When all jobs are being done in China…u mean Kenyan youth can’t print shirts.?” one Kenyan on Twitter wondered.

Opposition bloggers have particularly been keen to share these pictures, and understandably so this being campaign season.

While Jubilee forms the administration, the party is a different entity… at least on paper.

The truth is most campaign T-shirts, in the magnitude of a presidential campaign, are being printed in China. Not just this year, but also in the 2 past elections. Both NASA and Jubilee are printing theirs in China, and when we look at the cost, you’ll see why.

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Printing a T-shirt in Kenya will cost you upwards of Sh150.

A brief search on Alibaba shows that it can cost you as little as Sh45 bob in China.

Keep in mind this particular vendor gives you that price for only 200 pieces. I’m sure the price can go to something like 30 bob if you’re buying the 5 million T-shirts Jubilee is rumoured to be buying. In terms of savings, that can amount to more than Sh500 million.

The same applies to motorcycle reflectors, which have become a politician’s favourite handout. Some weeks back, Boniface Mwangi was seeking donations to purchase 1000 of them. He listed the price of each at Sh250.

Once again, a search on Alibaba shows you can get the same for as little as Sh50.

Surely, even if you love Kenya so much, common sense must apply.

As much as we can sit and discuss how the President and past presidents failed thus allowing this to happen, let’s not forget that not a single country in the world competes with China in terms of low cost manufacturing. It’s the new world order.

Here are some Jubilee T-shirts being printed in China.

And a NASA aligned candidate doing the same.

If you have photos of a candidate printing his/hers in Kenya, please do share.

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