The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday May 31)

May 31, 2017

On this last day of May, these are the stories making national and world headlines.

Kenyans are Not Happy That Jubilee is Printing T-Shirts in China… But NASA is Also Doing it

Pictures of Jubilee branded T-shirts being printed and packaged by some Chinese have been doing rounds on social media. Those commenting have expressed outrage that the ruling party found it fit to buy and print T-shirts abroad, while there are many Kenyans capable of delivering a similar job.

Joho Sets Stage for Showdown as He Promises To Attend SGR Launch

They say that in politics there are no permanent enemies. And that public feud does not necessarily translate into personal hatred. But I think whoever said that did not have President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in mind.

How Wetangula and Mudavadi Lost Their Mobile Phones on Sunday

It was not a very good Sunday for NASA leaders Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula. On the day their coalition leader was cleared by the IEBC to run for the Presidency, the two lost their mobile phones. Also losing his phone on the material day was Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka.

Police Gun Down Second Female Gangster and Her Boyfriend in Kayole (Graphic Photos)

Police on Sunday gunned down two suspected gangsters believed to be members of the same gang as slain gangster, Claire Njoki Mwaniki, famously known as “Clea Adi Vybz.” One of the suspects, known by her alias- “Marsha Minaj”, is said to have been the best friend of the late Claire Njoki.

How Trump can change the subject

President Donald Trump’s odyssey through Europe and the Middle East fulfilled a more narrow political focus for the reeling White House: It was a nine-day distraction from the dominant narrative of a presidency under siege.

Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, dies

Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian dictator and convicted drug trafficker who was once one of Central America’s most notorious military strongmen, has died, according to a tweet by Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela on his verified Twitter account.

Tiger Woods said he had reaction to prescriptions

Golfer Tiger Woods, arrested on Memorial Day in Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence, said alcohol was not involved and he had “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

Pentagon to test new anti-missile system in wake of NK threat

The Pentagon on Tuesday will for the first time test its ability to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile using its own upgraded long-range interceptor missile in what is being widely seen as a test of US ability to counter a North Korean missile launch.

Missile test showed highly accurate warhead, says North Korea

North Korea claims it fired a new type of ballistic missile Monday, demonstrating its ability to carry out a highly accurate strike.

Macron proves why the Trump handshake matters

There’s a tendency among “serious” people to dismiss the importance of the pomp, circumstance and symbolism in politics. “Focus on the policy, not the perceptions!” they shout. Who cares about the fluff!?!?!

Tiger kills zookeeper in apparent ‘freak accident’

A tiger killed a zookeeper in an enclosure at Hamerton Zoo Park in the hamlet of Steeple Gidding, near Cambridge, United Kingdom, according to the Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s Facebook page.

Evergrande: Chinese real estate tycoon is $10B richer this year

The net worth of Hui Ka Yan, chairman of real estate developer China Evergrande, has jumped roughly $10 billionsince the start of the year to around $21.3 billion, according to a CNNMoney calculation based on data fromHurun Report, a Shanghai-based research group.

How President Trump consumes – or does not consume – top-secret intelligence

President Trump consumes classified intelligence like he does most everything else in life: ravenously and impatiently, eager to ingest glinting nuggets but often indifferent to subtleties. Most mornings, often at 10:30, sometimes earlier, Trump sits behind the historic Resolute desk and, with a fresh Diet Coke fizzing and papers piled high, receives top-secret updates on the world’s hot spots.

John McCain: Vladimir Putin Is A Greater Threat To National Security Than ISIS

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Monday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the premier and most important” national security threat to the United States, “more so” than the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Tiger Woods Arrested In Florida On DUI Charge

Tiger Woods was arrested in a town outside West Palm Beach, Florida, on a DUI charge early Monday morning. The golfer, who has been recovering from back surgery, was released just before 11 a.m. ET., a local ABC affiliate reporter shared over Twitter.

Trump Copied Another Family’s Coat Of Arms

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, is marking golf properties and related products in the U.S with a coat of arms that belongs to a different family, after being barred by British authorities from doing so in the United Kingdom, according to a New York Times report on Sunday.

Humans Accidentally Created A Protective Bubble Around Earth

The next time someone says you’re living in a bubble, remind them that we all are. A pair of NASA space probes have detected an artificial bubble around Earth that forms when radio communications from the ground interact with high-energy radiation particles in space, the agency announced this week.

These ‘Game of Thrones’ battle scenes could offer a huge clue about Season 7

War is coming to Westeros in Game of Thrones Season 7 in a way we’ve never seen before. The new trailer and preview photos give us a hint of the damage that Daenerys’ dragons could do in open combat against the Lannisters, and now that our Khaleesi is in the thick of the action, the producers promise, “there’s a pace and urgency that’s very palpable.

‘The Simpsons’ hilariously shreds Trump and his team on Day 125

The Simpsons continues to pull zero punches when it comes to the increasingly disastrous presidency of Donald J. Trump. The animated series latest poke at 45’s White House attempts to capture the vibe 125 days in. From the dangling corpses of Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Reince Priebus to Veep Mike Pence rubbing the “Vice” off of his nameplate to …

Terrifying footage emerges from raging storm in Moscow

Moscow was battered by a deadly barrage of severe thunderstorms on Monday, and plenty of scary moments were caught on video. The compilation below, from Russian journalist Artur Petrosyan, shows the cover of a tennis court in Zhulebino district being blown off, as well as a giant crane spinning around due to high winds.

Here’s a snake regurgitating a living snake, because nature is disgusting

Everything’s bigger in Texas-including this snake’s meal, which just happens to be another snake. Ultimately, the snake regurgitated its prey, as captured by Christopher Reynolds on Sunday in Newton, Texas. Reynolds suggested in the video that the snake-who had just eaten another of its kind-might be freaked out by the humans in attendance.

Ariana Grande’s mom shares heartwarming message on Memorial Day

Ariana Grande’s mom has a few words of support for fans and victim’s of last week’s terror attack. The explosion outside of the pop star’s concert in Manchester, England, killed 22 people and injured more than 60. Afterwards, Ariana tweeted out that she would return to Manchester to put on a benefit concert for those affected by the attack.

LG’s new phone might have a screen under the screen

LG’s V series of phones is the company’s playground for screen-related innovation. Released in 2015, the LG V10 had a secondary screen on top of the main one, and the LG V20 followed up with a larger, better version of the secondary screen.

The Pope did not appear that thrilled to meet Justin Trudeau

Pope Francis is not here for your Instagram likes. The Pope was recently photographed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was just born for the camera. But instead of smiling, the Pope decided he would put on his best “I’d rather be reading encyclicals” face.

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