Jaguar Introduces his Sober Dad After Battle with Alcoholism (PHOTOS)

May 12, 2017

Charles Njagua Kanyi better known as Jaguar on Thursday unveiled his father to his social media followers, years after he was enrolled in rehab for alcohol addiction.

In 2015, Jaguar made headlines when he opened up for the first time about his father’s drinking problems.

In doing so, the singer who had just been appointed NACADA director, confiscated his father’s car after he got wind that his father, who was a reformed alcoholic then, was back to his imbibing ways.

“This is a family matter and I’m just looking out for my father. I was called by the local youth who are helping me fight alcoholism and they informed me that my father had gone back to excessive drinking. I had to confiscate his car keys to save him from causing an accident. He can have them back when he stops drinking. I must look out for him because he is my only living parent,” Jaguar said in a past interview.

Jaguar, in looking out for his only living parent, enrolled his father, David Njagua, at the Serenity spring center – a drug rehabilitation center in Nyeri.

The last time we heard of his father’s progress was in August last year when Jaguar visited him.

“It has been a long journey battling alcohol addiction but I believe He is finally overcoming it,” said Jaguar after the visit.

Well, fast forward to now and Mr David Njagua looks to have put his struggles behind and joined his son in Nairobi as he prepares for a gruelling few months of campaigning towards the August polls.

Jaguar shared pictures of his dad on Facebook yesterday, attracting praise from his loyal followers for looking out for his dad and seeking his blessings and wisdom as he ventures into politics.

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