Anerlisa Muigai: This is for Everyone Who Called Me FAT…Look at Me Now

May 25, 2017

Anerlisa Muigai is having the last laugh having successfully won the weight loss battle that started about two years ago.

The daughter of Keroche Breweries founder and CEO Tabitha Karanja, has taken to social media to hit back at all those who doubted she could lose weight.

Sharing a before and after photo collage of her incredible transformation, the 29-Year-Old founder and CEO of NERO Company used the opportunity to also inspire her followers.

She wrote: “This post is for everyone who called me FAT and also those who said all sorts of hurtful things to do with my weight. You all thought i couldn’t loose weight but now i am healthier and happier than ever.Because of them, i worked my a** off and kept it consistent. 

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Sometimes it’s good to show some people that they don’t always win. Never let your haters win, People will always try to look for things to say to hurt you. Keep your head high and be the winner.”

Anerlisa started her weight loss journey one year and seven months ago. She weighed a whopping 124 kgs and her weight loss goal was 62 kgs.

By September last year, she had lost 47 kgs with 15 kgs to go. We believe she has achieved the goal by now as she is yet to update her followers on her current weight.

In addition to achieving her weight loss goal, the popular rich kid of Kenyan Instagram is also set to walk the aisle later this year.

She got engaged to her boyfriend of close to six years, Steve, in January this year.

See some more photos of Anerlisa’s new look

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