28 Year Old Guy Wins Sh221 Million Sportpesa Jackpot – VIDEO

May 2, 2017

The price of milk is chasing that of petrol… with the current trend, it might actually win. Sugar is no longer sweet. Potatoes are now a luxury… the list goes on.

The price of living is now at unsustainable levels. Every single item in the supermarket shelves is selling for much more than it was a few weeks ago.

All Kenyans are complaining, expect one.

A guy by the name Samuel has won the single largest cash prize in Kenya’s history. According to NTV, Samuel is only 28 and resides in Eastlands.

For many weeks, Sportpesa’s mega jackpot money has risen to an all time high of 221 million shillings. It had proved too elusive for Kenyans.

For you to win this money, you needed to predict 17 games correctly. Samuel did that over the weekend and yesterday received the call that will change his life.

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri did the honours of personally calling Samuel to inform him of his win.

Watch clip.

Samuel will be unveiled by the bookmaker today.

There was also another big winner of Sh41 million whose identity has not been revealed yet. He/she predicted 16 games correctly.

Kenyans were quick to react to the 221 million winnings. Here are some tweets.



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