OMG: Man Falls and Dies Trying to Retrieve Sh3000 from Pit Latrine

April 12, 2017

A man in Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga County has died after he fell into a pit latrine trying to recover money that had fallen in the latrine.

John Nyaga, 30, from Ngurumbi village in Ngiriambu Sub-location was trying to recover Sh3000.

According to reports, Mr Nyaga realized that his wife, Grace Njeri, had mistakenly wrapped the money in a bunch of papers and used them as toilet paper.

He then attempted to fetch the cash from the latrine, leading to his tragic demise.

“He looked for three young men to help him, when he descended into the pit after a while we tried to call out for him but he was not responding,” his widow narrated to Citizen Digital.

Relevant authorities, including police and firefighters from the county headquarters, were called to retrieve the body from the latrine.

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