Avril: Why I Shared My HIV Status on Social Media

April 11, 2017

Kaka Empire’s songbird Judith Nyambura aka Avril has expressed her surprise at the reception from her social media followers after she shared her HIV status recently.

According to Avril, she thought the idea to share her results was cool but to her surprise, a lot of Kenyan youth did not understand its value.

She disclosed that decision to take a HIV test was catalysed by a friend.

“I was with my friends one evening and we decided to just get tested… It’s cool to know your HIV status,” said the musician.

“I took the strips and they were all negative and I posted them on social media. It caused an uproar with people asking me: Who do you think you are? Why are you showing us your HIV status? Kwani unajishuku?…People talked and said really bad things.”

She intimated that her detractors and critics might have been afraid to get tested, hence the rant.

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