Raw Video: DJ Joe Mfalme Arrested and Bundled into Police Car for Playing Loud Music at Popular Hurlingham Club

March 29, 2017

It is only in Kenya where a DJ can be arrested for playing loud music!

Last week Friday, veteran spinmaster DJ Joe Mfalme became the first Kenyan Dj to be arrested for doing his job.

According to reports that the heavyweight DJ confirms, he was arrested for noise pollution, held for an hour or so and then freed after the club’s management settled the issue with the law enforcers.

Video footage of the hasty arrest has now emerged showing the moment the award winning disc jockey was bundled into a police van as a confrontation ensued between the police officers and club management.

After his release he went on to entertain the revelers as it was scheduled.

“Party at Tamasha was a major success despite the drama,” said Joe.

Following the arrest, social media was in an uproar saying deejays should not be held responsible for playing loud music.

Watch the video below:

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