RAW VIDEO: Daring Armed Thugs Rob M-Pesa Shop in Broad Daylight

February 28, 2017

Mobile money providers and agent bankers are emerging as lucrative targets for robbers.

Despite most of these premises handling money in the hundreds of thousands per day, the kind of security they have is wanting. Most owners know too well of the dangers they face, and many now make several trips to the bank per day to mitigate the risks.

However, despite all the care, robbers still strike too often.

New CCTV footage has emerged of an M-Pesa shop robbery that happened this past Saturday.

Two men armed with pistols are seen inside the premises. One robbers forces his way to the other side of the counter by removing the protective grill. He then proceeds to help himself in the cash drawers, before they both depart from the premises like nothing had happened.

Watch the clip below.

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