OMG: Speeding Car Kills Nine Cows in Ruiru as Residents Scramble for Free Beef (Pics)

February 24, 2017

There were shocking scenes in Ruiru, Kiambu County after a motorist hit and killed nine cows on Kiambu-Ruiru road on Thursday.

The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured in the accident that left several others injured.

The cows were grazing by the roadside when the speeding vehicle hit and ran over the animals.

An area resident, Francis Kamau, said the driver lost control at a bend near Membley before the accident that left the vehicle completely totaled.

The driver was rushed to Kiambu Level Five hospital as residents scrambled for the ‘free beef.’

Police who arrived at the scene had a difficult time controlling the crowd that was overheard saying they couldn’t see the meat go to waste yet people are starving.

Confirming the incident, Ruiru OCPD Isaac Thuranira said the accident could have been avoided if the driver was not overspeeding.

“The bend is a notorious black spot. The accident was caused as a result of the driver’s carelessness,” the officer said.

He cautioned drivers against overspeeding and urged residents to be careful while grazing their animals along the road.

Elsewhere an Elephant calf was hit and killed along Mombasa Highway by a vehicle at high speed.

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