DJ Pierra Makena Lands TV Job at Newly Launched Youth TV Station

February 15, 2017

DJ Pierra Makena has made her comeback on TV after landing a job as cohost of newly launched youth television station Y254 Channel.

Pierra, who came to the limelight as an actress on Tahidi High, will be gracing the screens every Monday to Friday from 7 am on Signet 824.

Y254, owned by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), hit the airwaves on February 6th. It airs strictly entertainment content such as music, movies, and soap operas.

In addition to promoting local talent, the show promises to provide essential information and education through creative and attractive content packaged to resonate with the aspirations of young people.

On social media, Pierra wrote: “I’m always asked…how do i get my video played on TV? How do I get recognised..? I’m young i have potential but no platform……
FINALLY it’s here with us.
I’m glad to be part of a channel that is fully dedicated to you.. to air your views.. for you to be heard and also to nurture & promote your talent.
Let’s talk every morning Mon to Fri..7am to 10am.
Let me know how I can be of help.. I have the platform.”

Yooooo Goodmorning! !!!! Tune in Y254 in the morning. …. SIGNET 824. LET’S TALK!

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