Prophet Owuor: ‘Why Kenya is Experiencing Drought and What Needs to Be Done’

January 18, 2017

Prophet Owuor has warned Kenya to repent and return to God in a bid to overcome the ongoing drought.

Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry says Kenya is currently experiencing drought and famine because her population and leadership have distanced themselves from God.

In a statement made by the self proclaimed prophet on Jesus Is Lord Radio, an FM station run by the church, Owuor urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to set a side a day for national prayers.

“What I see right now is famine. I see a lot of people walking. I see a lot of people walking in columns like this carrying some little containers, and so forth. So there is a famine that is coming here. And again, let me say this: I see people walking, in this land walking, walking in a large column. It looks like in the dry areas of this country. And so there is a big famine. This famine may be very big if they do not bring repentance before the Lord,” said Prophet Owuor.

“That means this nation needs prayer. I need to pray for this land. I need to pray for this country that it may rain and there be no famine. But I see a lot of famine and I see these things happen. And when you read the Bible, the Bible says very clearly that I gave you famine. I placed unto you famine. I took away bread from you. I made your teeth white. (White teeth means famine, white and long.) I made your teeth white, and yet you have not yet returned to me.

“So the Lord is asking that this country to return to Him in repentance and holiness, and then you will be able to mitigate and remedy on this famine that is coming. And again, the Lord has shown me people walking in the dry areas walking in long columns with – I see a big sauce pans or something or plate – and the Lord has shown me that. And so He is saying that there is a famine that is coming here; however, the Lord is saying that I gave you famine. I hungered thee. I made your teeth long and white, and yet you have not yet returned to me.

“So the Lord is asking for repentance in this land of Kenya. Then there must be a National Repentance where all the leadership and all the people gather as one person and go before the Lord,” he added.

“May those who have ears prepare for repentance. I know the big ministry that is here, the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness of more than 20 million people, have already begun a national repentance this Sunday, yesterday. And that repentance continues on and on nonstop until the Lord comes down again to love this country, and stop this famine.”

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