Two Standard Seven Classmates Found Dead in Suspected Suicide Pact

January 5, 2017

Two teenagers were on Wednesday found dead in a suspected suicide pact in Marakwet East sub-county.

The two, who were classmates at Chemworor Primary School, are suspected to have formed a suicide pact and ingested an unknown poison after the girl discovered she was pregnant.

They had been reported missing since Tuesday.

Confirming the deaths, Area chief Benjamin Kipkemoi, said the boy, aged 14, was found dead at his parents’ home.

“I was alerted by some locals who heard wails coming from the family’s home and when I went to inquire, I found the teenager lying dead,” said the administrator.

Meanwhile, the body of the girl, aged 13, was discovered in Kipkunur Forest – a stone’s throw away from the boy’s home.

“Herders grazing livestock around the forest stumbled on the body of the young girl. It is shocking that we had to lose such young lives,” said the chief.

Mr Kipkemoi added that neither the parents nor the school administration were aware of any relationship between the two as investigations continue.


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