OMG: Five Abducted Men Beaten and Forced to Eat Their Own Faeces in Meru

January 16, 2017

Five men from Malaene village in Igembe Central were last Thursday abducted by a group of armed men, who brutally beat them before forcing them to relieve themselves and feed on the waste.

The men were later abandoned near the Meru National Park with serious injuries.

One of them men had to be hospitalized at Laare Maternity Health Center, whereas the other four were treated and discharged.

According to one of the victims, identified as Josphat Mugira, he, his colleagues and boss were ambushed at around 8:00 pm by men armed with blunt objects on motorbikes as they were going home.

They were then ordered to follow the abductors to Kiruyu village where the victims were forced to undress – and thereafter beaten. The abductors accused the men of working closely with tycoons in the region to grab land.

The kidnappers also squeezed their victims’ private parts before abandoning them, Citizen TV reports.

The hospitalized victim, Gerald Kimathi, 37, had rib injuries that resulted in him coughing up blood.

He also suffered internal injuries from chest trauma, and his private parts were bruised.

Police are looking for the kidnappers.

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