Look Away Avril: What Singer’s Ex-Fiance Said About Vera Sidika’s Viral Twerk Video

January 20, 2017

In August last year, Kenya’s curvaceous and talented songbird Avril officially confirmed that her engagement and relationship to South African Leslie Mugadza was over.

It has been almost four months since the announcement and it appears the South African businessman still has a liking for Kenyan women, especially ones with big derrières like Avril and now, Vera Sidika.

A few days ago, the voluptuous Nairobi-based socialite shared with her 493K followers on Instagram a salacious twerk video that did not go unnoticed by Avril’s ex.

For obvious reasons, we cannot post the video here but Vera captioned it: Ain’t He just the Luckiest man …Always getting twerk shows ?
Ladies, if you don’t do this for your man at least once a week you probably still living in the 15th Century ?Practice for Valentine’s”

Reposting the video on his gram, Mr Mugadza, wrote; “Am not sure who she is or who the lucky man is but what am sure off is after any man experiences this he can buy a house or all demands after having such an experience..Your entire life savings can go her way”

Mugadza has since deleted the post from his profile, perhaps after finding out the video belongs to Vera Sidika. However, once it is on the internet it stays on the internet.

We are not saying Avril may have dodged a bullet with this one but make of that what you will!

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