Don’t Miss This Huge Sale on Hotpoint Products

January 17, 2017

The year is getting older and by now you know where you stand with the resolutions.

New year’s resolutions come in many shapes. Some are about eating healthy and keeping fit, saving money, being a better person, etc.

We like assisting where we can. That’s why whenever we hear of opportunities to save you money, we always share.

Obviously only you can fulfill your resolutions since most are very personal.

But if yours revolve around eating healthy and saving money at every opportunity, perhaps there’s something can do for you.

The online shop is running a massive sale on Hotpoint products. We’re talking everything from gas/electric cookers, fridges, home theaters, microwaves, washing machines, digital set top boxes etc.

Nowadays, nearly every supermarket has a cooked food department. Bachelors are some of their most loyal customers, often forgetting that this food is not prepared in the best way.

If one of your resolutions was eating healthy and keeping fit, you know you’ve gotta start cooking your own food. For this you need a cooker. Fridge and microwave will also come in handy for your lazy days.

While we’re still in January, this is the right time to act if you have any hope of achieving your goals for the year.

Citimarket knows this and that’s why they are running this sale at this time.

So how big is the sale?

Well, is 15% big enough? What about 70% off?

That’s not all. Every product comes with a 12 month warrant, so you can be certain you are buying genuine.

Go ahead and check out the Hotpoint category on Citimarket. You may not have the money now, but end month is coming soon.

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