“Shut Up Creme! No One Snitched, US Immigration is Always Watching” – Kenyan Lady In Dallas Tells Deported DJ (VIDEO)

June 2, 2016

cremeApparently, no one snitched on DJ creme de la creme after he was arrested by immigration officers in the U.S.
One Beatrice Otieno aka Betty Achapa has responded to all the hullabaloo surrounding Creme’s troubles and claims of being snitched on. According to her, Creme should just shut up and ensure that he gets the right papers next time because U.S immigration is always watching and listening.
Betty’s response comes a day after the DJ named Kelly Ochieng as the “snitch”, during an interview with Kiss FM’s Kalekye Mumo. Kelly denied the claims in a long rant on Facebook, basically saying Creme was not fully prepared by the host promoter.
Beatrice has echoed those sentiments in a 6 minute video explaining how US immigration works.
Check it out:

Here’s Creme’s interview with Kalekye:

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