“My Love Affair With Timmy Tdat Is No More” – Kush Tracey Explains Reason For Break Up

June 14, 2016

kush2Kush Tracey has finally come out to explain her split from fellow hitmaker Timmy TDat.
According to the singer, Timmy got physical with her after a brawl at popular Nairobi joint, Club 1824 a week ago.
“There was some misunderstanding that took place outside 1824 that lead to Timmy getting physical with me and that made the taxi drivers outside 1824 take part and try stop him,” said Kush.
She added that she has since forgiven him and is moving past the debacle.
“However I forgive him and am moving past that. Also I would like to thank him for working with me on#NDULU project. To my fans am sorry for all this, am still the same Kush Tracey, Bossmama, Mkamba wa Masaku and am still going to continue giving you what you want in terms of music, more collabos and many more projects are to come,hence the love affair with Timmy is no more only entertainment business aye!!”
The two musicians’ love affair came into public limelight after they were both involved in a road accident on their way home about two months ago.
Timmy who was at the Mseto tour campus in Meru on Sunday, pointed an accusing finger to an aspiring Kisii politician for attacking him and snatching his girlfriend.
“I knew they (Kush and the politician) had a thing before we started dating but I thought it was over, and that is why I announced that we are an item. Kush and I are no longer an item and the episode is now behind me. I am focusing on music and my career,” Timmy told MondayBlues.

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