size 8Gospel songstress Size 8 has a brand new song dubbed ‘Ni Yesu.’
The new single and video is yet another testament to how far the former secular singer has come since finding salvation. ‘Ni Yesu’ is an upbeat praise song that celebrates the good Lord for all the great things He has done.
Size 8 said, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. My Lord has filled me with yet another message. I bring you #NiYesu.
It is my passionate prayer that this song will preach to you and help you reach out to another.  Take up your position. Play your part.  Let Jesus be known to the world as I do the same. Let the world acknowledge that our God lives”
Besides the amazing message Size 8 is spreading, the video is also one to watch as size 8 and her dancers drop the dab. The Dab is a dance in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing.
Check it out and see why it was trending upon release: