“Unafikiria Barabara Ni Kama Suruali Yako?” – Embakasi MP Attacks Concerned Constituent

May 10, 2016

George-TheuriControversial Embakasi West MP, George Theuri, is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The MP recently engaged a concerned Embakasi constituent in a bitter exchange on social media after she questioned Mr. Theuri’s development agenda.
The lady, going by the name Monique Mwangi wrote on Facebook, “Our MP is incompetent. We have bad roads and he is doing boxing and eating competitions. Priorities zake ni wrong. Does he even understand his duties ama no swag tu?? Hata parliament hajawai ongea kitu.”
To which, George Theuri responded with a harsh and offensive statement alluding that she suffers from ‘verbal diarrhoea.’
“Monique Mwangi I don’t want to engage you since you are suffering from verbal diarrhea. Unafikiria bara bara nikama suruari yako ikipasuka unakimbiza kwa fundi kupigwa kiraka (Do you think roads are like your panties which can be stitched when torn) come slowly,” he wrote.
“For some things to happen there is a procedure… and if you think you are competent simama pia wewe(run for the seat),” he added.
The first time member of parliament has in recent times been embroiled in controversies that have often attracted public scrutiny.
Late last year, he was spotted handling firearms with his two underage sons during a family outing. He is also best remembered for posting a semi-nude photo on social media.

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