Shocker!!! The Amount Rapper Abbas Received from MCSK for Skiza Tunes

May 23, 2016

abbas3While some artists have earned millions from the much awaited Skiza Tunes payout, others have been left completely shocked. One artist who has been left in disbelief is Kenya’s rap pioneer Abbas Kubaff aka Doobiez.
The rapper’s payout amounts to a measly Ksh 89.
He expressed his shock on social media.
He wrote, “Still in shock mode…went to Music Corruption Society of Kenya (M.C.S.K.)and the bloody accountant had the nerve to pull out a document that stated my skiza tunes payment is 89 kenya shillings…WTF?????”
Meanwhile gospel artists have dominated the list of the new music millionaires in town.
They include:
1. Eric Wainaina
2. Paul Mwai
3. Bahati (Kevin)
4. Lydia Joy Kaimuri
5. Brother Enock
6. Joyce Wangu
7. Rosemary Wangari
8. George Moses
9. Uncle C Koniah
10. Muigai Njoroge
11. Muigai wa Njoroge
12. Dennis Mutara
13. Gloria Muliro
14. Anthony Musembi
15. Shiro wa JP
16. Les Wanyika
17. Ruth Wamuyu
18. Stephen Kasolo Kitole
19. St Joseph’s Choir –
20. Loise Kim
21. Muiruri Njoroge
22. Henry Waweru
23. Sarah K

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