SAVAGERY: Here’s That Hilarious ‘No Chill’ WhatsApp Thread Everyone is Talking About

May 19, 2016

mufasa3Mufasa, from ‘The Lion King’ movie may have died but his bravery spirit lives on amongst us. If you’re wondering what nonsense I’m babbling about, let me introduce you to a Kenyan lad named Mufasa.
Mufasa recently received a message on WhatsApp from a girl who likes monetary favours. As such, he has saved her contacts as ‘Digger’, which we all know is not short for grave digger.
The text to Mufasa came three weeks late as a reply, and Digger’s reason for the delay was that she was busy with her hair… Yeah, because she was waiting for a weave to arrive from Brazil, I presume.
But Digger was not fooling Mufasa. So, what does Mufasa do next?
You need to check it out for yourself below.
Moral of the story: Mufasa is a savage and should be celebrated as a Shujaa!

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