POLL: Do You Think Ben Ngatia is Dead?

May 19, 2016

rob2I must give it to the person who made up the name Ben Ngatia. For half a day, the whole country believed the victim of police brutality had succumbed to injuries.
Cord supporters and those against police brutality were having a field day with #JusticeforNgatia.
Later in the day, a man closely resembling ‘Ngatia’ was traced by the media in Kibera. He had the same clothes on and on the back of his head the same huge scar.
Those who thought it would be game over at this point were surprised when the issue of brown shoe – black shoe came about. Cord supporters led by Robert Alai refused to let this go.
So, what do you think. Does Ben Ngatia even exist or was he a creation of someone.

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