Just Like His Father, Jimmy Kibaki is a Great Public Speaker. Watch His Tribute To His Mother Lucy Kibaki

May 10, 2016

jimmy kibakiKibaki’s oratorical skills are never in doubt. During his days as MP, fellow parliamentarians would literally find their way to the chambers just to hear him speak.
He was intelligent, coherent and one of the country’s greatest public speaker at the time, particularly off the cuff.
Even though a lot had changed when he came to power, his presidency is still remembered for the numerous sound bites.
The moment he put down his speech, everyone gave him their undivided attention, almost certain there will be a light moment. DJs had a field day compiling his remarks.
During Lucy Kibaki’s funeral on Saturday, Jimmy Kibaki reminded us of his father at his prime. Great speech and perfect delivery that made people forget they were at a funeral.
Watch below.

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