POLL: Do You Believe Police Version of The Story on How Jacob Juma was Killed?

May 10, 2016

jacob3His family has disputed the police version of the story, and many people are asking questions.
Initial reports had it that the businessman was shot dead on Thursday night along Lenana Road by unknown gunmen. The gunmen allegedly escaped on a motorbike after spraying Juma’s car with 10 bullets.
However, that theory is in dispute, with many people now claiming Juma was killed elsewhere and the whole scene staged.
Several things don’t quite add up.
There’s very little blood in the car; apart from the shattered side window, the car has no bullet holes; despite the car getting into a ditch, it has no dents on the bumper or headlights etc.
So what were your initial thoughts. Was Jacob Juma killed the way the police told us?

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