“I Demand Ksh 2 Million if I Take a Drug Test and the Results Come Clean” – Prezzo to Jaguar

May 4, 2016

prezzoRapper Prezzo is willing to take a drug test to put to rest rumors of his drug use. On top of that, the ‘Prezident’ says that if the results from the drug test come clean, he ought to be paid Ksh 2 million.
The Nairobi Diaries star was responding to an article by Standard Group, which Prezzo claims was funded by his old adversary and NACADA Board member Jaguar in order to tarnish his name.
“So my lawyer Hon Evans Ondiek gives me a call concerning an article that was on Standard news paper talking about Prezzo uses drugs & all that BS. I won’t lie that article f @cked up my day. The journalist who wrote that article was clearly paid by one of Nacada’s “u know who” in order to tarnish my name,” He wrote on social media.
The rapper also hit out at Standard and threatened to sue them for media brutality.
“I am ready to test for drugs in my system and if the results come out clean I demand ksh 2 million other than that keep my name out ur mouth & as for standard media group, ull be hearing from my lawyer very soon. I’ll teach y’all a lesson on behalf of myself & other celebrities who are suffering from media brutality but can’t stand up for themselves,” the post reads.
Here’s the video post:


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