VIDEO: Mad Raila Supporter Declares Kenya Will Be Worse Than Rwanda if IEBC Commissioners Don’t Resign (cc. Boinett)

April 29, 2016

railaWhen told that Raila should use constitutional mechanisms to kick IEBC commissioners out, many of his supporters are quickly pointing out that demonstrations and picketing are privileges of the constitution.
Well, while protesting is lawful, rioting isn’t.
At this point in time, political instability would do irreparable damage to Kenya. In terms of tourism, foreign investment etc.
Raila does not care about this as long as he gets power. He doesn’t care how much Kenya burns as long as he ends up on top. He is an egocentric mistake.
From the 80s, when he started his demonstrations, Raila has never been known to be the peaceful kind. Yet all of a sudden people are saying this time will be different.
If he makes good his threat and leads his supporters on weekly trips to anniversary towers, you can bet Nairobi will be a no-go zone. He has also urged supporters in other towns to storm IEBC offices.
We’ve had much respect for the former Prime Minister but won’t watch him burn Kenya again.
For all those years, he told us he was fighting for democracy. When Kenya finally achieved this, Raila himself cannot respect it. Removing IEBC commissioners requires numbers in parliament. Numbers he doesn’t have.
Just because you can round up a few idle youths to cause chaos in town doesn’t mean you can bypass laid down procedures.
And to put this into perspective, even if Raila and his supporters ejected Isaak Hassan and his team from Anniversary towers, what would that amount to. The physical ejection means absolutely nothing. As someone said on Twitter, Isaak Hassan is IEBC Chairman even when he’s asleep at home.
Plus I doubt he would dare report to office on the material day.
Anyhow, Raila’s call for action is sowing genocidal thoughts among his supporters. This psychopath was shameless enough to state on camera that Kenya will go the Rwanda way if Isaak Hassan stays put.
Where is IG Boinett when you need him.

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