Spirits of Nairobi: I Sell Eggs and Smokies and Make Sh75,000 a Month

April 29, 2016

trolThere’s a new Facebook page in town, modeled on the insanely popular Humans of New York.
Spirits of Nairobi has been collecting stories from ordinary Nairobians going about their everyday hustles. Here’s the story of one man who sells eggs and sausages on a trolley.


“I came to Nairobi two years ago and stayed with a friend for about seven months. During that time I looked for work for months unsuccessfully. That’s when I decided enough is enough. I bought a bucket for sh100 and an egg tray for sh300. We had a jiko (charcoal burner) so I bought some charcoal and boiled the eggs. I put the boiled eggs in a bucket and started selling them around the estate for sh20 each.
I made a profit of sh300 in that first day. It felt very nice and empowered. I did the same the following day and as time went by I started selling two trays a day, which doubled my profits. If I made sh600 I would save up to sh400 a day. I eventually rented my own small house and bought a few household items. Then I saved enough to buy this trolley you see here for sh6000.
This changed the scope and size of my business since I could carry more stock, which remains warm just like the customer like them. It also improved my sales since I now sell five trays a day. I have also added smokies of which I sell around four packets a day. From six in the morning to eight in the evening I sometimes go home with up to sh2500 profits. I have brought my wife and kid from ushagoo (upcountry) to the city. I hope to save enough to open a small hotel for her in the estate.
I thank Nairobi for giving me this opportunity. It’s a place where you can never sleep hungry as long as you don’t select work”

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