POLL RESULTS: Raila is Just a Selfish Politician and No Longer a Great Statesman

April 29, 2016

railaThis week we had a series of polls.
1. First we asked, “How Should Miraa be Classified: Cash Crop or Drug of Abuse?”
This one was close but a small majority thought it isn’t a drug of abuse.

2. What do you think of Raila?
An overwhelming majority believe Raila is serving his own interest by calling for demos to remove IEBC from office. Once considered as a man who fought for so long for his country, perhaps Kenyans are now changing perception.

3. What do you think of Ian Mbugua’s ‘dress’?
Again on this poll, an overwhelming majority thought it was ‘pathetic’.

4. Would you rather have Kabogo or Waititu as your governor?
There’s a good number that do not prefer either, but if this poll is to be trusted, Kabogo is in deep trouble.

5. Do You Think Waititu Has Been Using His Brother Clifford’s Certificate All Along?
Closely related to no. 4, many Kenyans do not think Waititu has a college degree.

6. Would You Opt for a Wooden House?
And finally a good percentage of Kenyans would consider building a wooden house.

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