P-Unit’s Frasha Reveals it all on Claims that Genge Group has Broken Up

April 1, 2016

p-unit3Just like most musical groups across the world, P-Unit too appears to have been struck with the ‘music group curse’, where members of a band split and venture on their own.
Last year, one third of the group, Frasha, ventured on his own prompting speculations that the group had disintegrated. The rumor mill went on overdrive with claims that the three members, Boneye, Gabu and Frasha were not on talking terms.
Well, Frasha has spoken up whilst admitting that he is looking to strengthen himself by standing on his own.
“I want to experiment being solo. When in a group you are in a comfort zone. I want to try and do things such as handling business alone. I’m looking to strengthen myself by standing on my own,” he said.
On whether there is friction between the members, he said: “We are going on strong. We are still friends, more than being artistes. I’ve grown up with Boneye, nitakosa kumuongelesha aje? (How do I not talk to him?)”
All three members have been occupied with various work and personal commitments that have delayed some of their group work.
Boneye recently welcomed a baby together with his wife, while Gabu has expanded his merchandise business.
As for Frasha, he is set to drop his debut album in April 29.
“The album is called ‘Dakitari’. It is a fusion of a lot of genres of music, and I have also collaborated with many artistes. That is not because I can’t do a song solo, but I look at an artiste as a flower-the more the different types of flowers, the better the look. Various artistes bring different genres, and I am enjoying learning something from each of them. I take lessons from someone like Akon- his success came out of the many collabos he did,” he said.

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