“Mr President, Bahati is Waiting for a Reply” – King Kaka Echoes Bahati’s Open Letter

April 15, 2016

king kakaHigh flying rapper King Kaka has echoed Bahati’s sentiments about the need for more cancer treatment machines.
Earlier this week, Bahati posted an open letter to the president urging him to look into the lack of treatment resources in Kenyan hospitals. Now, King Kaka too has taken to social media to address the need for a Kenyan ‘robin hood’, who will save Kenyans from corrupt leaders.
King Kaka challenged politicians to come together with stolen monies and buy 5 machines every year.
He wrote:
Tukiwa wadogo kulikuwa na kipindi flani inaitwa Robin Hood, I don’t know kama mnaikumbuka. KTN Friday 8 usiku siwezi sahau. Apart from the fights and the language I loved the show sababu ya what Robin Hood used to do. Steal from the Rich and give to the poor and not just the rich but wale wameAcquire pesa yao through uwizi, a thief stealing from a thief. Anyway I will tell you why that is important now. A couple of days ago my Brother ‘ Bahati @bahatikenya put up a post on social networks addressing the President I hope ameipata and I will quote part of the letter “KNH is the only hope to Us but Our dedicated Doctors & Nurses lack treatment resources. Mr President our Parents are tired of Helplessly waiting to burry their Kids. Our Biggest National Hospital ( KNH) has less than 3 Cancer Treatment machines which serve over 2000 patients.Meaning a Patient Can spend almost 2 years waiting for their turn to go through the Chemotherapy Machine! About 60 people die every Month”

No one understands cancer, and I wish there was a cure for it but, just But there is a way we can face it head on. Our country is ranked top 3 most corrupt na Ni ukweli hatuwezi Kata, at najua kesho news kutakuwa na story ingine ya pesa zimeibwa kama sio NYS, Kuna Euro, sijui Kuna…. And why I brought up that Robin Hood Story is coz. As much as we know our politicians are corrupt and they steal (1 pen 8,000 really), I have a challenge for them. Why don’t wakutane kisiri vile tu haukutana na this time round do something positive. Ile Pesa wameiba wagawe wanunue nazo atleast 5 machines annually, 5 only na sio lazima waseme Ni hao wamenunua, coz we have accepted wameiba already. BE OUR ROBIN HOODS and bring positive change from Corruption. Kenyans are suffering sana while you have vacations in France, It’s So Painful, very painful, yaani tunawaomba pesa mmetuibia . Be Our Robbin Hood.
Oh and Mr. President Bahati is waiting for a reply.

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