Joke of The Year? Interesting Theory of How Raila Saved Deputy President William Ruto from the ICC

April 8, 2016

RUTO1This week, one of the big news in the country was the dismissal of ICC cases against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang. Judges of Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court declared that the two have no case to answer.
The proceedings were declared a mistrial due to alleged ‘witness interfering and political meddling’. Asserting that the accused were discharged without “prejudice to their presumed innocence” and the Prosecutor’s right to reprosecute the case at a later date, the Trial Chamber declared the charges against the two dropped.
The announcement was of course a big talking point among Kenyans, with many political ‘experts’ coming up with conspiracy theories about the case.
One such theory that has grabbed people’s attention on social media asserts that CORD leader Raila Odinga pulled all the necessary strings to ‘free’ DP William Ruto.
The theory was posted on Facebook by one, Hon Jim Bonnie.
It reads:
“I attended one of the Bunge la Mwananchi in town this evening, the debate was on Ruto and ICC and this is what one of the speakers said (this is wisdom which I can’t eat alone so I had to share with you):
“Ruto should thank Raila for assisting him. In fact, he should go and kneel before Jakom and thank him for saving him from the ICC. It’s Raila who talked to his international friends to set Ruto fee. When Raila visited South Africa and recently Tanzania, he was finalizing the deal to have Ruto free. Most of you don’t know this, me I know. Magufuli hosted Raila and a delegation from Europe, American, Hague and Africa where they asked Raila Odinga to tell them what they should do. Raila told them that they should set Ruto free. Si unaona immediately alitoka Tanzania Ruto akaachiliwa?”
Then everyone, including Opus Dei, responded; YEEEES.”
Here’s how some Kenyans reacted:
Tom Collins Mopao: Truth”
Mercy Akpa: “i knew it!”
Joyce Mugo: hahahahaha….Overflowing wisdom.. .hahaha can’t help bt laugh”
Edith Odiawo Nyartelo: “Ehehee… If like me, you take a few minutes to listen in on the proceedings in Bunge La Mwananchis in Eastlands areas, you will always get a feel of the interpretation of our country’s politics on the ground. It also depends on the ‘Majority side’ in the house eg my favourite Bunge is the one at Kariobangi Mrkt, it is CORD dominated, jubilee supporters don’t often win any debate. In Kasarani Mwiki it is jubilee dominated but the CORD voices will be heard watu wapende wasipende… It is quite interesting getting the Peoples’ view first hand.”
Munene Wahome: What kind of stupidity is this”
Michael Okello: Hahahaha Mkona Maneno”
Chebet Byegon: hehehehehe laughable”
Liz Lizz: Let me preserve my comments, i don’t wonna waste my brain commenting nonesense”
Ken Ngubiah: Me i heard it earlier on kameme fm.”
Nickton Jeremy: I need to subscribe to these time consider giving us an sms number”
Vickie Kavinya: Are some people realy this stupid or they just do it to annoy others? Alafu #JB you answer ‘Yeees’ nkt.”
Hashim Malable: hata kwa Dias aliona heri yeye kuanguka kuliko Ruto kufungwa hehe”
Higgs John: Call it bunge of lamebrain, that was an idiotic comment proving how that fanatical follower has auctioned his brain.”
Selina R Rosa: Once again Opus Dei is as high as a kite.Drop that crack pipe.”
G G Peter Atom: Very true… The hook that catches the fish is the only hook that can release that fish… Raila was the hook but ICC was the owner of the hook. I had to share this wisdom with you”

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