Group of Kenyan Atheists Finally Registered as a Society

April 8, 2016

atheistA group of Kenyan atheists have finally gained recognition after their organization was registered as a society under the society rules of Kenyan Law.
The group made headlines in February when they accused the government of discrimination after authorities turned down a request to register their organization. The 60-member Atheists In Kenya applied for official recognition last year.
They were told the application was turned down because of concerns that registration could affect the “peace… [and] good order” in the country.
Head of Atheists In Kenya (AIK) Harrison Mumia accused the official registrar Maria Nyariki of running her office “through guesswork”, as she cannot possibly know what impact registration would have.
“We are being discriminated (against), although the constitution allows freedom of association,” Mumia said in a past interview. He added, “Atheists in Kenya want a place, recognition and space to interact,” estimating that atheists make up 5 to 7 percent of the population.
But in a turn of events, Atheist In Kenya (AIK) has now been officially registered. This is after Mr Mumia said that he would be taking the issue to court because he argues the constitutional right to freedom of association had been violated.
atheist society
The constitution of Kenya grants every Kenyan the right to form an association and cannot discriminate on the basis of conscience and belief.
Mr. Harrison Mumia/Photo Courtesy
The group has not been shy about criticizing faith groups. In its website, the group states:
“There’s no reliable evidence for any god, or even for Jesus. There is also extensive evidence that Jesus and all gods are fictional characters — myths, created mainly by primitive people who had little understanding of how our universe operates.”

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