WATCH: Israeli Medics Don’t Know How To Use a Stretcher, Drop Injured Player

March 10, 2016

vidWe’ve got to be honest, we don’t often watch Israeli second division matches.
With the Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga all readily available for our viewing pleasure, it’s rare that we get to watch a Serie A game – let alone a fixture from Israel’s lower-league set up.
Think we’re being a bit close-minded about the whole thing? That we’re not giving the Israeli second division a chance? See if you still feel the same way after watching this ridiculous (and hilarious) clip from this weekend’s clash between Maccabi Herzliya and Maccabi Ahi Nazareth.
In the second half of the big match in Liga Leumit, Nazareth player Moamen Saleh picked up a painful-looking ankle injury. The medics were called out onto the pitch with their trusty stretcher.
Not only did the medics seem highly confused over the basic principles of carrying a stretcher, they also looked a little cack-handed to boot. They’d only taken a few precarious steps before Saleh was promptly dropped on his bottom – much to his visible (and justified) annoyance.
Thankfully, a teammate was on hand to save the day. Nazareth captain Amjad Sulaiman picked Saleh up, cradled him like a baby and hauled him off the pitch in his arms.

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