SAD! PHOTOS Of Mike Sonko’s Bodyguard Who Was Shot Dead on Saturday

March 8, 2016

Saturday morning, while on his way home, Constable Bakari Joto Tsuma who had just dropped off his boss Mike Sonko in Gigiri, is reported to have been cornered and outnumbered by an armed gang in Mwiki, who commanded him to surrender before shooting him in the head and fleeing off with his gun.
Speaking after the saddening occurrence, the Nairobi Senator now feels threatened and in danger, as he believes that the cold blood murder was carried out by ‘professionals’ on a mission. A manhunt for the gang responsible for the murder has however been launched following the incidence.
True to his Islamic religion, Bakari was laid to rest on the same day he came face to face with his nasty fate. We condole his family and close friends in this time of grief. Below are some photos of the fallen bodyguard.
Bakari Joto Tsuma 8
Bakari Joto Tsuma 7
Bakari Joto Tsuma 6
Bakari Joto Tsuma 5
Bakari Joto Tsuma 4
Bakari Joto Tsuma 3
Bakari Joto Tsuma 2
Bakari Joto Tsuma 1

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