Remains Of Nyiva Mwendwa’s Kitui Home After Inferno Reduced it to Ashes – PHOTOS

March 22, 2016

Kitui Women Rep, Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa did not have the best of weekends as an inferno razed down the whole of her homestead on Saturday evening. Eye-witnesses at the scene said that the house burned down for more than two hours as they watched helplessly, and their attempts to call Kitui County Government, which is 8 Km away, to respond with fire extinguishing engines bore no fruit.
Efforts by the area chief to mobilize residents to help put out the fire only resulted to more harm as the raging fire repulsed and choked by the dark clouds of fumes. Luckily enough, none of Nyiva’s relatives were in the compound when the fire struck.
As we wait to know what sparked the inferno, here is what remained of the palatial homestead.
The house before the bedeviled fire.

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