“Please Raila, Buy me Land and Build a House for me” – Mama Chungwa

March 21, 2016

roseOrange Democratic Movement (ODM) staunch supporter Mama Rose Akinyi is pleading with the leader of the movement to help her put a roof over her head.
Rose Akinyi popularly known as Mama Chungwa or Siste, lives in a rented mud house in Nyangubo village, Oruba – Ragana Ward in Suna West Sub County. According to The Nairobian, the house which sets her back Ksh 1000 in rent every month, dons paper cuttings and posters of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
She told the local daily that despite being a staunch supporter of Cord co-principal Raila Amollo Odinga for over one decade, the party has not done much to better her life.
“My husband who hails from Giribe in Migori, kicked me out of our home because I am childless. I have suffered ever since. I work as a farmhand in neighbouring shambas to put food on my small table. Sometimes I have to rely on well-wishers to pay my bills,” she disclosed.
“My parents drowned when I was a few months old. They were trying to cross a river and my mother was carrying me. I survived and was discovered floating. My maternal aunt who was a die-hard supporter of Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, is the one who raised me. She is the one who inspired my admiration of the Odingas”.
She added that she had met Raila several times, and that the former Prime Minister is very fond of her.
“Actually, he always hugs me,” she said.
“All I want is a house, a place I can seek refuge from the elements of weather. I wish that Raila or any other ODM party official get to hear my plea.”
“I am elderly and my time on Earth is almost up. Please Raila, I do not want my body to be thrown into River Migori, or buried like an outcast when I die. Buy me land and build a house for me. That is all I ask,” she pleaded.

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