Sauti Sol’s towering member Bien Aime is grappling with pressure from his family to settle down.

The singer’s relationship with Chiki Onwukwe has been on the spotlight from media outlets ever since it became apparent months ago. As it turns out it is not only the media and their fans who are rooting for the relationship to move to the next step.

Bien’s extended family is said to adore Chiki. His mother in particular has been demanding for grandchildren as revealed by the singer to Heads Up.

“My mother is really excited and is already asking for grandchildren. In fact, when she calls her first question is: ‘Is she pregnant yet?,” Bien said.

He also revealed that he has already met Chiki’s parents who reside in London.

“I have met them several times and when the right time comes, I will propose to her and follow the right procedure,” he said.

Asked about his dream wedding, he responded, “I have never thought about it and besides, I’m a very young man.”

Here are some photos of the lovely couple

bien aime

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