“I Can’t Date A Woman Who Can’t Kiss Another Woman” – Popular Sexologist Maurice Matheka

March 21, 2016

maurice mathekaMaurice Matheka is the latest ‘sex’ sensation in the country after a video of one of his sex lessons went viral last week. In the video, he is seen teaching a group of women how to achieve squirting orgasms.
Last week he spoke to The Nairobian where he revealed more about his controversial trade and everything that comes with it.
Here’s how that went down
A video is doing rounds on social media on you, teaching a woman how to squirt…
A clever lady secretly shot the video, and it happened two years ago. I am even surprised it took so long before being leaked to the public. I don’t allow videos during my sessions at all. I am very strict on that.
So, the woman you were helping achieve orgasm, is she your fiancée?
That’s typical Kenyan reasoning. A man and woman can’t do business together with no strings attached? She is strictly my business partner, and there is nothing we fell for each other.
Does your fiancée willingly allow you to teach women how to enjoy sex?
Its illogical for me to date someone who doesn’t understand what I do, it’s my job. Mimi ni ndume, I have balls, I am not sat on like other men. I can’t let anyone determine the way I earn my living. It’s a take it or leave it situation.
Can she confirm to us if you are really good in theory and practical or its all hot air?
Hehehe. She is happy in all ways possible. She is a very happy and fulfilled woman. You should actually meet and talk to her… we do things I can’t teach in my classes because Kenyans are not yet ready for such.
One thing about me that people don’t know is that I can’t date a woman who can’t kiss another woman. A woman I am dating is liberal and very open minded. I actually prefer dating bisexual women.
Where did you study for your license in sexual therapy?
It’s a job like another and you must be certified. I studied sexology at Rochdale Institute. There are men who are fishermen, others are doctors, others are engineers, and I am a sex therapist.
What does your mother, sister, aunties and other relatives think about your job?
My relatives know what I do. Whether you are a pilot or a watchman, relatives will always complain about your job. None of my relatives has complained to my face, but even if they did, I wouldn’t care. It’s a job like any other, and it is what feeds me.
 What are some of the challenges women share with you?
Most women have a problem with their husbands because of the husband’s ego. When a wife asks the hubby to come for lessons, it shouldn’t make the man feel like he is useless. It’s like being asked to do a Master’s degree after finishing your Bachelors. That doesn’t mean you are stupid, but it’s to help you get better.
What, sexually, ails the Kenyan man?
Men harass women and talk a lot, but when given an opportunity, they finish and lie there after 15 seconds. I can help them… I am simply saving their marriages. If they don’t, watazidi kunyang’anywa mabibi na Congolese men.
Man is always a work in progress. I didn’t just wake up one day and got good at sexual matters. I studied for it, and over the years, I have also learnt a lot of things. Men shouldn’t be afraid to come for my classes.
Why are majority of your clients women?
Women are smart. They know when they have a problem and they know how to seek help. But when they can’t get their husbands to come for training, the women tend to now go to other women, who don’t have penises… a tongue is mightier than the penis.
So who exactly is Maurice Matheka?
I don’t just teach people how to have sex. I look at sex in a 360 degree angle. From mental preparedness to intricacies of orgasm. There are so many women who suffer in silence, because their husbands have pro-creational sex with them, and not recreational sex. That’s where I come in. But to be helped, you must admit that you have a problem.
Most people discuss their problems with counselors and religious leaders. Where do you fit in?
I strictly deal with sex and relationships; you can channel other things to your counselors. When it comes to sex, if you want useless information go to a counselor or a religious leader.
What do they know about sex? The counselor will guide you based on what they learned in school, the religious leader will use bible, but I will use my experience and what I learnt in school. It’s a science.
There are men who can’t allow their woman to attend any sex education classes…
Those are haters who feel threatened. Women need sexual liberation. Women find it hard to cheat on their man no matter how poor he is in bed. That’s more reason men should contact me and let me help them. Don’t let sexual dissatisfaction affect your woman.
What’s you take on Kenyan woman and sexuality?
Why is it that Ugandans, Tanzania and Rwandese women are said to be good in bed? Why can’t it be Kenyan women? All countries neighbouring Kenyan have women reputed to be sex goddesses but I can assure you, Kenyan women are much better. They just need a little guidance, and men who know what they are doing.
In your line of work, don’t you get many women who want to extend the relationship to other levels?
Yes, a lot, but that’s not what I want. Even a gym instructor has women throwing themselves at him. It’s expected. But I am not in the business of sleeping with people’s wives or girlfriends. I am sex therapist, not a gigolo.
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